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Beginner Level
Keen Pawn I: Students learn about chess board, pieces, and rules to play a game. They know how to checkmate in simple positions to finish a game. Throughout this course, the students should also learn to be respectful in a competitive sports game
Duration: 3 months (usually for kids under 6 years old)
Keen Pawn II: Students gain awareness of drawn positions and able to finish a game. They learn how to checkmate with a Queen or Rook, and simple checkmate patterns in more complex positions. Throughout the course, the students should also learn to think independently and creatively.
Duration: 3 months

Foundation Level
Brave Knight: Students can calculate 2-3 moves in advance, and avoid hanging pieces. Upon completion of this level, they can join chess tournaments at school. The course is designed to help the students learn how to identify and analytically solve a problem.
Duration: 6 months

Pre - Intermate Level

Wise Bishop: Students enhance calculation skills, play more accurately in term of tactics and will be introduced certain openings and endgame practices. 

Duration: 6 months

Intermediate Level
Confident Rook: Students can evaluate positions by realizing strengths and weaknesses. They can build plans during the games, using tactics to obtain good positions. They gain fundamental knowledge in simple endgames. The course is designed to help students learn how to think analytically, how to set targets and work to complete them.
Duration: 6 months

Pre - Advanced Level

Determined Queen/King: The course is designed to complete players' openings repertoire as a competitive level. It emphasizes in postional thinking in middlegame and more endgame practices. 

Advanced Level
The Royals: Students become familiar with chess tactics and strategies in all stages of the game: opening, middlegame and endgame. 
Duration: 12 months

Master Level

The Professionals: The course is designed to help students achieve best results in tournaments. Tailored to each student categorized by rating.

Duration: Depends

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