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Elite Chess Community

Penny Chess Club is a prestigious chess playground for everyone who shares a love for this royal game. Newly founded in the Spring of 2022 by Woman International Master Penny Pham, we want to create a tightened community of chess players in British Columbia, Canada from all levels and age groups, especially kids from the age of 4-12.


Our Goals

Our Goals :
* To help each person develop not only their chess skills but also strength of mind to conquer the world.

* To help kids explore their passion in the most intellectual game.

* Recognize and train potential talents to compete in national and international tournaments.

* Create a safe and fun environment for local players.

* Expand the chess community in BC to be bigger and stronger.

At our Sunday weekly session, our players will receive curated self-study plans: solving puzzles from selected resources and analyzing past games, and 1-on-1 mentorship on strategies. We will also host internal friendly tournaments, and CFC-rated internal tournaments

Meet The Team

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