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Event Timing: Every Sunday, a tournament of 4 rounds  (1.30pm - 4.30pm)
        Round 1: start at 1.30 pm 
        Round 2: start at 2.15 pm
        Round 3: start at 3.00 pm
        Round 4: start at 3.45 pm
Section: 1 open section. Max capacity: 16

Time control: G/10 + 5
Pairings: Swiss System
Prize fund: 1st: $60; 2nd: $40; 3rd: $20
Entry fee: $30/tournament (e-transfer to before 12pm Saturday of the week)

Deadline for registration: 12pm Saturday of the week or meet max capacity
Free entries for titled players
Misc: a CFC membership is required. Players must have CFC ID before the deadline of registration. If you need to create a new CFC ID, please go to  and follow their instructions. All chess equipment will be provided by the organizer.

Event Address: Penny Chess Club, Unit 301 - 7818 6th St, Burnaby, BC V3N 4N8
Contact us at
Payment:  e-transfer to



I.    Anti-cheating rules
We will follow anti-cheating rules guidelines by FIDE. You can see the details via the link below.
II.    Food
You are allowed to bring snacks. For example: fruits, chocolate or your drink.
III.    CFC membership
You are required to have a valid CFC ID for this tournament. Check the link below to register if you have not got one.
IV.    Refusal Entry
We reserve the right to refuse your entry.
V.    Refund
Generally, we do not offer any refund. Any requests will be assessed case by case.
VI.    Byes
-    If you request bye(s), please confirm with us prior to the deadline of registration.
-    If your bye is allocated by the computer pairings (ie. not your request), you will have 1 point. 
-    If your bye is requested by you for round 1, 2 you will have 0.5 points per game
-    If your bye is requested by you for round 3, or 4 you will have 0 point.
-    You cannot request to bye for more than 2 rounds.
-    Tournament Director (TD) reserves the right to refuse your bye requests

VII.    10 minutes tolerance
After 10 minutes since the start of any round, absent players will be considered to forfeit that game and get 0 point.

Tie-break 1: Direct encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)

Tie-break 2: Greater number of victories

Tie-break 3: Buchholz

1.    All electric devices are not permitted to use while players are playing except for special needs with TD’s approval. 
2.    Electric devices that can communicate or operate software should be kept in a bag or a case. They must be turned off completely. They must remain at the playing table if the game is in progress. 
3.    Spectators are asked to keep the phone in silent mode. 
4.    Violators can be asked to leave the room. Serious cases might lead to an anti-cheating investigation. 
We follow FIDE rules of chess. If there is any argument between players, or player and arbiter, the TD will make the final decision based on FIDE guidelines. 

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