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(Fide Rated - IM NORM EVENT)

August 31st to September 4th, BURNABY, BC, CANADA

Penny Chess Club and Greater Vancouver Chess Society are pleased to announce the first IM Norm Chess Event in 2023 in Metro Vancouver! This is a great opportunity for experienced players seeking an IM Norm in a closed tournament, where many FIDE conditions to obtain the norm are guaranteed. All you need to do is to play your best chess to achieve a rating performance of at least 2450!
Tentative Schedule
Round 1: 6pm Thursday, August 31
Round 2: 10am Friday, September 1
Round 3: 3pm Friday, September 1
Round 4: 10 am Saturday, September 2
Round 5: 3pm Saturday, September 2
Round 6: 10am Sunday, September 3
Round 7: 3pm Sunday, September 3
Round 8: 10am Monday, September 4
Round 9: 3pm Monday, September 4.
•    Penny Chess Club Burnaby, Unit 301, 7818 6th St, Burnaby, BC V3N4N8
Time Control
•    90 minutes with 30 second increment per move
Conditions for participating players
•    $500 in appearance fee offered to GM/IM. 
•    $980 registration fee for Norm Seekers. 50% discount offer for players with a foreign chess federation.
•    Deadline for registration: August 15th, 2023. This is also the deadline to withdraw from the tournament and receive full reimbursement of the registration fee. Any players withdraw from the tournament after this date will not be reimbursed.
•    No byes are allowed.
•    No forfeits. 
•    If a player fails to show up at their game(s) within an hour after the game(s) start for any reason, the game(s) will be declared lost to the player.
•    Minimum requirement: Fide rating 2100.  12 players max. 
•    The tournament organizer and director reserve the rights to accept or refuse the registration of the players.
•    If there are less than 10 players the tournament will be cancelled, and the fees will be reimbursed to the players.
Guaranteed Prize Money
•    1st Prize: $500
•    2nd Prize: $300
•    3rd Prize: $200

To register or inquire about the tournament please contact: 
•    Organizers: Penny Chess Club and Greater Vancouver Chess Society
•    TD: Stephen Wright, FA

Chess Pieces
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